“I consider myself a “water snob”. The only bottled water I will drink runs $3.00 a bottle. Adya solution ran through the filtration unit is the best tasting water by far. My return on investment is huge, without sacrificing taste!”

–Bradley Oliver, Highlands Ranch, CO

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Help! How do I Use Adya Clarity?

Making Adya Clarity Water

Add 1ml of Adya per 1 litre of water, in other words 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. Let it sit for 30 seconds or longer after stirring in. If you are starting with regular tap water, you may need to add

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Science and Background Webinars

Here are two interviews with the owner of Adya, Inc., explaining the science and history behind this product. The conversation is passionate and far-reaching, we promise you’ll be very happy you listened in!

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Correcting PH and Alkaline Water Myths

There is a great deal of misinformation out there regarding PH and alkaline water. The main reason for this is because of hype surrounding the sale of incredibly costly alkaline water machines.

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