One of the most powerful things that Adya Clarity magnetic sulfate minerals do when dissolved in water is turn Oxygen (O2) into Activated Oxygen (O3).

Now that the precipitates have fallen out of solution, they can be filtered out and removed!

But does Activated Oxygen do anything else good for us?

In 1967, a doctor researched the use of oxygen as a therapy, revealing that the oxygen rich water decreased nitrates, reduced oxidative stress, increased oxygen levels and assisted the body in the removal of toxins.


A double blind study revealed that oxygen enhanced water demonstrated significant improvement in blood and immune system function. It was then discovered that “oral oxygen is absorbed by diffusion and osmosis through the cells in the stomach and intestines and reaches the bodies blood circulation through the portal vein.  Oxygen enhanced water can perform all the same functions as the oxygen absorbed through the lungs.

Ninety percent of our energy is created by oxygen.  Our body consumes larger amounts of oxygen to rid human bodies of waste and toxins, hence explaining Adya’s detoxifying and energizing effects. OXYGEN enhanced water has demonstrated significant improvement in blood and immune system function!

Why We Need Oxygen

Other than breathing, water is the medium which delivers nutrients and oxygen to our cells.

We can live without food for weeks, water for days, but without oxygen, we die within minutes!

Without a continuous, proper supply of oxygen our body’s internal organs begin to degrade, become diseased and age more rapidly.

Lack of oxygen has also been considered to be a major cause of cancer.  Studies have shown that when oxygen was withdrawn from cells they could turn into cancer cells.  Lack of oxygen is also a major cause of heart disease and strokes.

    Think of your body as a fire. A fire needs a fuel source such as wood, but it must have oxygen to keep burning. It must have an aerobic environment. Your body too, must have an aerobic environment! An “aerobic” environment means lots of oxygen around your body’s cells. These cells need oxygen to perform metabolic functions. Cells were designed to burn glucose, and they need oxygen to keep the fire burning. This burning process, also called metabolism, produces wastes. When your cells become surrounded with wastes, the oxygen cannot reach the cells.  When this happens cells do not function properly.  Once oxygen is no longer able to reach the cells, the environment in the body becomes an anaerobic one, and changes start happening.  Cells become diseased!  Diseased cells prefer to live and multiply in an oxygen poor or anaerobic environment, and therefore they increase in quantity in an environment filled with wastes.

Cancer has only one prime cause! It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the body’s cells!

Oxygen levels are getting lower and lower due to pollution and industrialization.

We are simply NOT getting as much oxygen as our human bodies were designed for!

Since scientists have discovered that the concentration of oxygen in the air we breathe is being reduced, this means we need to breath even more air to get a sufficient supply of oxygen. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has also been established. The more oxygen we have in our body, the more energy we produce.  Researchers have discovered that the human body was designed to grow and operate at a 50% stronger concentration of oxygen than what’s currently available. Knowing this, we must get a higher level of concentration of oxygen into our bodies.

Exercising, increasing your intake of green, yellow and red vegetables, detoxifying your body, and drinking more Adya Clarity water, will increase the amount of oxygen that reaches your cells.

An incredibly important way to keep the wastes down and give the oxygen access to our body’s cells is to drink a LOT of water with ionic minerals. (Ionized/Alkaline water is not the same as Adya’s ionized minerals, in fact, ionized water has ionized toxic minerals that build up in your body!) You need the proper ionic minerals that can only be found with pure spring water or with Adya Clarity water.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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