The story goes that we owe the discovery and creation of Adya Clarity, or Themarox, to the only plants growing on a beach. It was discovered that this life was growing out of Black Mica and therefore a curiosity about the minerals in this rock that were supporting life.

Specifically we owe the extraction of minerals from Black Mica rock to Mr. Asao Shimanishi, who became aware of the ionic power of sulfuric acid and its synergy with the minerals within Black Mica. Sulfuric acid was used to remove these minerals from the Black Mica rock and turn them into a bio-available and liquid form. People sometimes get concerned that sulfuric acid is used for this process and question the safety of Adya minerals, but this results from a lack of understanding about the importance of sulfuric acid in nature, and of acids in general in supporting life. If you have not read our article yet about the importance of acids and the myths in the health world about PH and acids, please read our article on Correcting PH and Alkaline Water Myths.

This article is however about the science behind Mica and how it might be responsible for life on earth!

In the following video, Helen Hansma of the University at Santa Barbara discusses why the origin of life is an important topic and her new hypothesis that life started between mica sheets that were embedded in rocks that were sitting in an early ocean. Video by: University of California, Santa Barbara/National Science Foundation:

Press Release 10-136
The Secret of Life May Be As Simple As What Happens Between the Sheets–Mica Sheets

Several lines of evidence support the idea that life originated with molecules that lay between mica sheets

Diagram showing biomolecules (gray structures) between mica sheets (green lines) in primitive ocean.
Biomolecules (gray structures) between sheets of mica (green lines) in a primitive ocean.
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That age-old question, “where did life on Earth start?” now has a new answer. If the life between the mica sheets hypothesis is correct, life would have originated between sheets of mica that were layered like the pages in a book.

For more information about the theory that black mica is responsible for life on earth, please read the following Science Daily article:

Click: The Secret of Life May Be As Simple As What Happens Between the Sheets.

Now perhaps you can understand why Adya Clarity Black Mica minerals are so powerful and magical… firstly,  in their ability to cleanse and purify our water, and secondly, in the way that they support life in our bodies through life-supporting ionic minerals that may be responsible for life on earth itself!

At the very least, it is a fact that without these minerals, life on earth could not exist, so that is the importance of what we are dealing with.