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Please watch the recent interview called “The Real Truth About Adya Clarity” with Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute and Adya representative Matt Bakos on Youtube or on Vimeo.

January 2013 Information Release…

Below you will find the recent article and study by Hippocrates Health Institute on Adya Clarity, as well as an article written by Kacper Postawski about this whole affair.  Kacper was responsible for the huge popularity in Adya Clarity prior to the Natural News smear campaign with the webinars that he partnered with Raw Food World on in 2011. He gives some details about why he was quiet during the smear campaign and all about the recent Hippocrates Health Institute study that shows that Mike Adams and Natural News clearly made a big mistake is scaring people about this product. For more details on the smear campaign, go here.


ADYA CLARITY SUPPLEMENT REVIEW BY HIPPOCRATES INSTITUTE (see full article and interview with founder Matthew Bakos in Hippocrates Magazine pages 40-41) “In the second half of 2012, we conducted testing and research on the product Adya Clarity. This mineral-rich liquid supplement was of interest to us since the global public, in great part, lacks the full spectrum of minerals and trace minerals necessary to maintain health and reduce premature aging. We unfortunately discovered that some self-appointed internet health authorities were distributing misinformation about Adya Clarity. These individuals claimed that the supplement contained some undesirable elements.

We tested Adya Clarity at Hippocrates Health Institute, not only distributing it to a wide cross section of our guests, but to some of our medical team, including Drs. Anna Maria and Brian Clement. The volunteers consumed the supplement for several months, conducting a heavy metal and chemical blood profile before and after the test period. In addition to receiving the great benefits of the multiple minerals, each participant reduced the handful of concerns that were revealed on the first test.

We wholeheartedly endorse Adya Clarity and consider it a superior liquid essential supplement. Hippocrates thanks Matt Bakos at Adya, Inc. for having the professionalism and courage to allow us to analyze and scrutinize this exceptional health builder.

In the U.S., Adya Clarity is marketed and labeled for water purification. In Canada, Adya Clarity is marketed and labeled as a licensed natural mineral supplement.” Dr. Brian Clement Hippocrates Health Institute


January 28, 2013

This is by far the most important letter I’ve ever written, please read, and
distribute widely.

Last week I raced at last minute notice to board a plane to Miami, in order to
witness history in the making at the world renowned Hippocrates Health
…it all started a year and a half ago

In the summer of 2011, I was exposed to a revolutionary product that has the
power to transform your health, and solve countless problems
facing our planet today: Black Mica

Black Mica, a substance which comes from deep within the earth, and shows its
face to us only around volcanic eruptions, is loaded with the same ionic
sulphate minerals which are found in healing hot springs all around the world.

When these minerals are introduced into water, they have the power to turn
ordinary tap water into the most incredible water on Earth with healing
properties that the world hasn’t seen until now.

With just a few drops, you can turn a glass of filthy pond scum water full of
bacteria into pristine clear drinking water that heals your body, within
moments, right before your eyes.

This type of water literally removes toxins such as heavy metals, fluoride, lead and
mercury, out of the body, and re-mineralizes your body with bio-available
This process of re-mineralization of the body is what causes the
incredible healing many people experience with this type of water.

This substance has the power to heal rivers, lakes, and countless bodies of
polluted water, not within years or days, but within hours, right
before your eyes.

The solutions and applications of this mineral are mind boggling… here’s just
a few:

Have you seen the recent documentary film Gasland? The film by Josh Fox shows
how the horizontal drilling practices of the natural gas industry cause
slickwater fracking, which releases toxic gasses and other toxins into the
public water supply, ruining soil and destroying agriculture in many places.

This is a huge problem in America today.

The sulphate minerals in Black Mica offer an immediate solution, because they
neutralize volatile compounds on contact.

Do you remember Erin Brokovich with Julia Roberts?

The true story with Pacific Gas & Electric Company, which poisoned people with
cancer causing Chromium-6.

When exposed to these minerals, Chromium-6 is turned into Chromium-3, the only
form of bio-available chromium to the human body.
Black Micca has been around for decades, and was only now getting the
attention from the natural health community.

The Webinar That Touched Thousands of Lives.

I rarely get excited about something, but when I do, I try to use everything in
my power to share it with the world.

Together with my business partner at the time, and the advertising expertise of
Fred Lam, CEO of my company(one of the most brilliant people who I’ve ever
worked with), we launched a very aggressive online campaign to share these
minerals with the world.

We created a video webinar about Adya Clarity “Black Mica”, which in just two
months had been seen by over 200,000 people.

Thousands of bottles of Black Mica were going out to every corner of the world,
and daily we were being swamped by radical stories of people being healed
by the water from these minerals.

(I wish I could publish these testimonials, but we live in a world where it’s actually
illegal to publish testimonials related to the healing of diseases such as cancer,
arthritis, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, candida, etc.)

Then, Two Months Later, the Unthinkable Happened

I woke up one morning, to find a man I had long trusted as an authority and
leader of the natural health movement, putting out an article on,
claiming the product Adya Clarity “Black Mica” contained Battery Acid.
The shipping import label was cleverly misread without considering of how all
minerals with sulphates are labeled(“Battery Acid”), and the article was spun
into a fear inducing angle.

At first I thought it was a joke.

However, as the days rolled by, a waterfall of misinforming articles ensued,
targeting Adya Clarity, and everyone involved.

The articles continued into unimaginable, even humorous realms with baseless
claims spawning waves of fear which caused the general public to panic, forcing
my business partner and I to shut down the entire campaign.

As all this happened, the injustice of the situation was at times causing me to
want to crawl out of my skin.

I wanted to fight it, to speak out, but there was no way to compete with the
fear mongering attitude of

I decided to do what I know how to do best: nothing.  In my heart I knew what
was true, and had a sense that a time would come when the truth would come out.

The Investigation by Hippocrates Health Institute

As the smear-campaign unfolded, Dr. Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health
Institute insisted that Adya Clarity be brought to HHI, as he wanted to conduct
a large test at HHI and see first hand if any of the health claims stood up to
be true.

Getting Dr. Clement to look at something is a huge deal, because he’s famous for
a very scientific “no b.s allowed” attitude towards natural health.

Dr. Clement has spent more than three decades studying nutrition and
natural healthcare. He has received graduate degrees in both naturopathic
medicine and nutritional science.

Since 1980 he has directed the Institute’s growth and development as well as
facilitated the implementation of such progressive natural health treatments as:
the Living Food Diet, Wheatgrass Therapy, Dark Field Microscopy, and the
essentials of mind-body therapies.

Brian has conducted countless seminars, lectures, and educational programs,
traveling extensively to more than 25 countries around the globe.

In recent years he has been commissioned by government-supported organizations
to establish, organize, and direct health programs in Denmark, Switzerland,
Greece, and India. Brian has also written numerous books in which he explores
the various aspects of health, spirituality, and natural healing.

The Results from the Test At Hippocrates Health Institute

The results were shocking, all the positive claims about Adya Clarity stood up,
and the fear-mongering information of the last year was proven as obviously false.

Very quickly, Dr. Clement issued the article with the test results.

…and now, Dr. Clement was about to step forward on camera, to finally
put ignorance, rumors, and misinformation to rest, so that the world could
finally benefit again from this incredible discovery.

When I found out this was happening from Matt Bakos, founder of Adya Inc., I
was beside myself in excitement.
I knew I had to be there, and bent every South American natural law, such as
the law of “things take a long time, and no flight is connected”, and travelled
non-stop for 36 hours without sleep to get there, from where I live in a remote
part of Ecuador.

I arrived at the movie shoot just 60 minutes before the cameras rolled.

– Above, Matt Bakos and Dr. Brian Clement on set.

In the first 5 minutes of the video interview, Dr. Clement figuratively “ran a train”
over last-year’s fear-mongering claims about Adya Clarity and Black Micca.

The conversation then turned towards quantum bio-dynamics, how these minerals
create structured phase 4 water, and how, in his opinion, this discovery will
shepherd a new era in health this century, and transform humanity.

– Above, Matt Bakos explains how ionic sulphates work to neutralize and
extract heavy metals.)

The video interview will soon be available online.  And I’ll send it to you as
soon as it’s up.

I sincerely hope that the professional approach of Dr. Brian Clement and the
Hippocrates Health Institute brings many inspirations to future scientific
investigations into the healing properties of Black Mica.

For the record, I respect Mike Adams of as he’s done many great
things for the natural health community, and he is actually one of the main
reasons I’m here in Ecuador today and why call it my home.

However, with what happened last year, and how he chose to act, I believe Mike
made a serious mistake.

It’s now time that this discovery and it’s powerful healing potential gets into the
hands of those who need it.

(Below, left to right, the Adya Clarity team, Devlon, Patrick, Eric, Todd, Matt Bakos,
Dr. Brian Clement, and my very tired, ruffled and unshaved self after 36 hours of travel.)


Kacper M. Postawski

Kacper Postawski Companies

PO BOX 97086
Richmond, BC
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